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The phenomenon called electricity is made and consumed – or wasted in real time. Generating and delivering electricity is the world’s largest supply chain and yet it has no significant storage capabilities. The food supply chain changed dramatically when canning and refrigeration were implemented and the computer industry transformed with the advent of data storage. Similarly dramatic efficiencies can be realized with effective storage integrated into the electricity supply chain.


Even with its challenges, the grid is the most amazing and complex machine ever built by man. Alevo’s new architecture can redefine energy by using its custom grid analytics to effectively place its battery energy storage GridBanks strategically around the grid with the aim of creating efficiencies, optimizing transmission and time-shifting electricity for maximum usability. Alevo’s battery energy storage technology combined with its analytics ecosystem represent a potent combination — that when properly deployed can have a positive impact on global economic growth and our environment.

Alevo GridBank

The Alevo GridBank

The most advanced lithium-ion storage solution on the market, containing Alevo’s game changing inorganic electrolyte and the first non-flammable, non-combustible lithium-ion battery.  Learn More

Alevo Analytics

Alevo Analytics

Alevo Analytics offers advanced analytics and simulation capabilities, business intelligence and advisory services with a primary focus on the power and energy sectors. Learn More

pronounced a • lay • vo

Alevo’s name is derived from Italian scientist Alessandro Volta who in 1800 discovered “voltaic elements,” which laid the groundwork for the use of batteries to deliver electrical energy.