Alevo Battery & GridBank Manufacturing

The first Alevo Manufacturing location is in the US at Victory Industrial Park in Concord, North Carolina. Alevo is the main tenant at VIP, which was formerly operated by Phillip Morris.

The property has two and a half million square feet of manufacturing space situated on 2000 acres. There is an additional one million feet of warehouse space. Rail comes to the manufacturing site and direct Interstate access is nearby. The port of Charleston is less than four hours away.

When the manufacturing facility is at full capacity it has the potential to produce 16.2 GWh of Alevo batteries per annum.

Alevo group SA

Alevo global headquarters are in Martigny, Switzerland. Alevo Electrolyte will be manufactured at this location and exported to manufacturing locations.

ABT research
and development

Alevo Battery Technology’s (ABT) Research & Development facilities are located in Karlsruhe, Germany, where cell chemistry and battery testing are performed.

ABT process

Alevo’s Process Development facilities are located in Dormagen, Germany, where development of processes, samples and battery modules take place.