About Alevo

Alevo is a Swiss-based group of companies founded in 2009. Through its 9 subsidiaries, Alevo has established operations in the Americas, Europe and Asia. Alevo is building a vertically integrated manufacturing and deployment organization, creating a global energy storage business to work with the world’s largest energy companies. Alevo will also provide mobile energy storage solutions for truck and bus fleets as well as the marine and offshore markets.

Alevo is an energy service provider (ESP) that brings its innovative GridBank energy storage technology to the electric grid. Alevo’s new source-agnostic architecture img-about2 seamlessly integrates fossil fuel and renewable generation. This architecture reduces waste and GHGs, creating more reliability and new efficiencies that lower costs for utilities and consumers. logo-abt

The GridBank features the world’s first utility-grade battery. Alevo’s battery is based on a non-flammable, non-combustible 3rd generation lithium-ion technology with unique inorganic electrolyte chemistry that has demonstrated up to 10 times the life of competing technologies, while retaining its power capacity. Alevo holds multiple patents, and controls 100% of its IP.

Purpose Statement

To maximize the value, availability, usability and cleanliness of electricity to better serve mankind and the environment

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Alevo respects the sovereignty and informational confidentiality of all governments and their utilities, steadfastly maintaining neutrality while providing the best possible services to accelerate economic growth.

Electricity has been called “The Greatest Servant Of Man”
and the electrical grid “The Greatest Achievement of the 20th Century”.

It is the largest, most complex machine ever made and represents the biggest industrial investment in history. Some parts of the global grid are over 100 years old and the more the grid expands, the more cumbersome and unreliable it becomes.

Alevo’s new grid architecture offers innovations to keep the grid up to date, supporting the world’s increasing load demand and advancing renewables integration.