Alevo at CERAWeek 2015

April 24, 2015

This week, Alevo joined an international group of industry, policy, technology and financial leaders at the energy industry’s very own Super Bowl, the IHS CERAWeek Energy Conference 2015. Now in its 34th year, IHS CERAWeek is recognized as the pre-eminent forum offering insight into the world’s energy future, bringing together a diverse group of energy leaders, each with a unique vantage point on the ever-changing energy landscape.

20150424-ceraweek-signAround 2,800 delegates from over 50 countries convened in Houston, Texas to examine the new risks and realities to be faced in energy markets. In addition to exploring issues such as the increased volatility and persistent geopolitical uncertainty shaping a ‘new world’ for energy, delegates also heard from some of the companies and entrepreneurs working to address these challenges by developing transformative new technologies and business plans.

Alevo CEO, Jostein Eikeland, was one of 20 carefully selected technology pioneers invited to share his insights as part of a special Energy Innovation Pioneers Session. Commenting on the conference, Jostein explained “We are honored to have the opportunity to share the Alevo story with such a broad and distinguished group of global energy, policy and financial leaders at IHS CERAWeek 2015. Having spent many years analyzing the market with a view to quantifying the systemic benefits of our GridBank technology, Alevo is in a unique position to share its insights into the challenges ahead and the strategies needed to meet the evolving demands of the new energy landscape.”


As ever, the conference has hit the world’s headlines throughout the week with coal leaders denouncing current energy policy, oil experts arguing the case for U.S crude oil export and senior figures in the gas sector discussing improvements in natural gas exploration. The conference closed with a focus on electric power, from coal to power generation and everything in between. In the power sector where the name of the game is having enough power available when demand is at its highest, this meant a lot of talk about “shaving the peak”- something Alevo knows a lot about!

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