Alevo at Intersolar/EES North America

June 14, 2017

Alevo is a proud silver sponsor of Intersolar/ESS 2017

Intersolar & EES North America will take place July 10th – 13th in San Francisco, California. EES is an international exhibition for batteries and energy storage that happens in coordination with Intersolar, the most attended solar exhibition in the United States.  Alevo is proud to be a silver sponsor at this event and we look forward to demonstrate how Alevo is redefining energy through its innovative non-flammable lithium-ion energy storage system and smart data analytics.

Discover Alevo at In ESS Hall on Level 2 at Booth #8011.

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Unparalleled in safety, robustness, and reliability, the source agnostic Alevo GridBank™ ESS can be used anywhere along the electricity supply, and works with both conventional and renewable generation. As a vertically engineered turnkey energy storage solution, Alevo manufactures its batteries, assembles its GridBanks, and is also a systems integrator and project developer. During the show talk to our Energy Storage experts and see a demonstrator rack in the booth.


Alevo Analytics’s Dr. Johnson will be speaking at EES 2017

Dr. Randell Johnson Presenting in San Francisco
Stacked Services with Energy Storage
Tuesday, July 11th  at 2:00
InterContinental Hotel Level 3, Grand Ballroom B

Alevo Analytics’ Chief Analytics Officer, Dr. Randell Johnson will be speaking at the conference on the value of Stacked Services with Energy Storage. Alevo Analytics provides advanced analytics, business intelligence and advisory services with a primary focus on the power and energy sectors as well as GridMaestro software solutions

We look forward to seeing you at Intersolar/ESS North America 2017!  Stop by or click here to schedule a meeting to speak with one of our Energy Storage expert

Setting the New Standard in Lithium-Ion Battery Safety

In 1991 the rechargeable Lithium-Ion made a huge commercial impact because of its high energy density and flexibility. But Lithium-Ion has an Achilles Heel, it is extremely flammable. In 2017 Alevo deployed the first commercial non-flammable Li-Ion battery. Alevo uses a breakthrough battery technology, an inorganic electrolyte that stores no chemical energy making the battery completely non-flammable and non-combustible. The Alevo battery is ideal for the utility and commercial & industry markets offering reliability, robustness and safety characteristics never seen in Li-Ion battery before. Alevo – setting a new standard for Lithium-Ion Safety.

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We look forward to seeing you at Intersolar/ESS North America 2017! 

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