Alevo Battery Technology brings the first non-flammable, non-combustible lithium-ion battery to the marketplace, bringing unprecedented attributes to the energy storage market. The driver behind this breakthrough technology is in Alevolyte, an inorganic electrolyte that is only available through Alevo.


Low Internal Resistance + Constant Power = Long Predictable Life

Along with its non-flammable characteristics, Alevo’s Inorganic Lithium-Ion Battery has a very long predictable life.  This is because its inorganic chemistry maintains constant power and low constant internal resistance throughout the life of the battery.


Conventional Li-Ion Battery

  • 60 – 80% DOD
  • Internal Resistance Increases Over Battery Life
  • Power Fade
  • Calendric Aging
  • Flammable
  • Combustible


Alevo’s Inorganic Lithium-Ion Battery

  • 100% DOD
  • Low, Constant Internal Resistance
  • Constant Power
  • No Significant Calendric Aging
  • Non-flammable
  • Non-combustible



Battery technology has made a tremendous impact on our daily lives. In 1859, the Lead Acid battery was introduced as the first rechargeable battery. This same basic chemistry can still be found in our cars today. In 1910 commercial production of nickel-cadmium (NiCd) rechargeable batteries began. The next milestone was the Nickel-Metal Hydride (NiMH) battery. With a higher energy density, no toxic metals, NiMH became widely used in mobile phones and portable electronics.

In 1991, we saw a huge breakthrough with the introduction of commercially available lithium-ion batteries. For the first time, there was a rechargeable battery that was small and lightweight and could be designed to fit into any space. This revolutionary battery was the catalyst to the small electronic consumer market. This battery came with one downside, the organic electrolyte used in the battery has a similar energy content to gasoline and carries the potential to catch fire or explode.


In 2016, Alevo introduced the first commercially available rechargeable inorganic lithium-ion battery. It is the first non-flammable lithium-ion battery. With its extremely long predictable life, it is the ideal battery for utility-scale energy storage.

– New US Patents protects the specific Alevo electrolyte (Alevolyte™) composition***
– Total energy throughput independent of number of cycles or time.*
– Lowest cost throughput per kWh – estimated at 1/5th of available li-ion*
– High energy efficiency = lower energy loss in charge/discharge*
– Low cost air-cooling sufficient for most applications*
– No measurable calendric aging.*
– Safe to store or transport in any state of charge* Certified to UN 38.3****
– Alevo offers 20-year warranty coverage*****

* According to ABT( Alevo Battery Technology) laboratory testing. *** Issued in 2015. **** Pre-production samples fully certified. Final certification of production cells from Concord in process. ***** Subject to service agreement.




The unique characteristics of Alevo Battery Technology make Alevo GridBanks the ideal solution for your high power application needs such as renewable resource smoothing, frequency response, frequency regulation, remote locations, municipalities, and more.

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Alevo has a large internal R&D capability which we compliment through a network of external universities and research centers in Europe, North America, and Asia.