Alevo Collaborates with Governor’s Military Advisor to Hire Veterans

March 12, 2015

CONCORD, N.C. – Alevo Energy is seeking veterans and retired military for specialized engineering positions at its manufacturing headquarters in Concord, N.C.

Alevo’s Chief Marketing Officer, Scott Schotter, and Vice President of Human Resources Tim Daiss recently met with General Cornell Wilson Jr., Military Affairs Advisor the Governor, to discuss ways to connect former service men and women with jobs.

“Military experience often provides skills aligned with those needed in advanced engineering roles,” says Schotter. “We also believe in supporting those who serve and want to make sure veterans and retired or transitioning military have the opportunity to succeed.”

Daiss adds, “When it comes to abilities like performing under pressure and quality control, not much can compare with military training. When selecting candidates, all other things being equal, preference would go to former members of service.”

General Wilson is a retired marine general who served as Deputy Commander, U.S. Marine Forces and Commanding General, Southern Command. He plans to help Alevo tap into the military pipeline by facilitating conversations at various bases and assisting in matching service skills with jobs positions.

Individuals interested in engineering and mechanical opportunities should submit their resumes to [email protected]. For more information, call 704-260-7400 or visit

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Alevo is a leading provider of energy storage systems designed to deliver grid-scale electricity on demand. Its innovative battery technology and GridBanks enable new source-agnostic architecture for electrical grids that reduce waste, greenhouse gases and other emissions, create efficiencies and lower costs for the world’s energy producers. Founded in 2009, Alevo Group is headquartered in Martigny, Switzerland. For more information, visit

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