Alevo has May target for hiring first round of production workers, initial line installations


Alevo has gotten more than 8,000 applications for jobs at its utility battery plant in Concord and will hire the first 50 workers for the production floor by mid-May.

The company will then hire 50 to 60 additional production workers and maintenance technicians monthly through September. By then, Alevo expects to reach its goal of 300 employees working the first production line for its 1-megawatt GridBank utility-scale batteries. There could be as many as 500 employees by the end of the year.

Tim Daiss, Alevo’s vice president of human resources, and Scott Schotter, its chief marketing officer, detailed the company’s hiring and line construction plan in a recent interview.

Alevo now has 65 people working at its 3.5 million-square-foot plant in the former Philip Morris cigarette factory in Concord.

That includes about 53 executives, supervisors and others working on the production side of the business. There are also seven people already working on what will soon be a 30-person sales and field-services force and five more working at the new Alevo Analytics division.

Analytics is a key division for Alevo’s plans, Schotter says. Alevo will manufacture its GridBank batteries here, and the production division will be its largest. But Alevo does not see itself as a manufacturing company.

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