Alevo Introduces GB50™ mini-GridBank for Commercial and Industrial Applications

October 5, 2016

50KWh/100KW battery energy storage system offers industry-leading performance and safety capabilities

gb50-450Alevo, the Energy Storage Provider, has today introduced the GB50™, a standalone 50KWh/100KW enclosed rack battery energy storage system (ESS) designed specifically for behind-the-meter commercial and industrial markets. The GB50 uses the same patented, non-flammable inorganic electrolyte as the Alevo GridBank™, ensuring that it delivers the same high performance and reliability as its larger counterpart.

Essentially providing the equivalent energy and power of a single rack in Alevo’s flagship 1MWh/2MW GridBank, the GB50 can be deployed as a standalone ESS or strung together in any increments up to a full-sized 1MWh/2MW GridBank. Its use of Alevolyte™, Alevo’s patented inorganic electrolyte, makes it the world’s premier, safety-first system for installation into existing structures supporting commercial and industrial applications.

Since its unveiling in late 2014, the Alevo GridBank has become one of the most in-demand energy storage systems on the market. Its use of a breakthrough inorganic electrolyte means the batteries offer unparalleled safety, high power and extreme long life, making the GridBank ideally suited to providing multiple services to the grid to facilitate higher rates of energy efficiency, as well as a more efficient use of capital already invested in the grid infrastructure. The introduction of a mini-GridBank, the GB50, extends Alevo’s ability to provide industry-leading battery technology to an even broader market.

“The GB50 delivers the same high performance, reliable, safety-first energy storage capabilities as our flagship GridBanks, the only difference being that it’s smaller,” explained Per Dybwad, CEO, Alevo. “We see huge potential for the GB50 to be used as a standalone system for behind-the-meter commercial and industrial applications, or stacked to scale to fit any energy storage requirement.”

About Alevo

Alevo, a leading provider of energy storage is redefining energy as a developer, manufacturer and provider of grid-scale energy storage solutions featuring GridBank™ & Alevo Analytics. GridBank Lithium-Ion batteries feature a proprietary inorganic electrolyte (Alevolyte™), which is non-flammable and offers extreme long life and stability. Alevo’s vertically engineered turnkey energy storage solution can be placed anywhere on the electricity supply chain, to reduce energy waste, lower greenhouse gases and other emissions, create efficiencies and lower costs. Founded in 2009, Alevo is headquartered in Switzerland with GridBank manufacturing in the US.

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