Alevo Recommences Selling Frequency Regulation Services in Hagerstown, MD

October 2, 2017

Alevo has officially recommenced selling frequency regulation services in Hagerstown, Maryland with ESS Snook. Project Snook is currently operating at 500kW and will begin incremental testing for PJM certification up to 2MW, 1 MWH. Upon completion, Snook will provide frequency regulation services at nameplate capacity.

Unfortunately, despite Snook’s success, Alevo has had a challenging 2017 thus far with the chapter 11 filing of Alevo’s U.S. management and manufacturing divisions.

Overall, Alevo as a whole is currently looking for a strategic partner or group to carry forward their uniquely disruptive, non-flammable, high-power lithium-ion battery technology.

Despite the challenges, Alevo continues to press on in its mission to fundamentally improve the electric grid.

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