Alevo Strikes Deal with Systems Control to produce First GridBank Storage Enclosure

March 27, 2015

Precision engineered battery storage enclosures to ship later this year

Alevo Group, the Energy Service Provider, has announced a deal with Systems Control, a leading design and manufacturer of Turn Key control systems for the Electrical Utility Market, to design and manufacture its GridBank Energy Storage Enclosures (ESE).

Alevo’s GridBanks are energy reservoirs that store and deliver grid-scale electricity on demand. This deal will see a significant number of the precision engineered energy storage enclosures delivered to Alevo later this year by Systems Control, North America’s leader for the design and manufacture of energy integrated solutions, based in Iron Mountain Michigan.

“This partnership demonstrates Alevo’s continued commitment to work with the leading players in the energy manufacturing industry” said Christopher Christiansen, Executive Vice President of Alevo. “The manufacture of enclosures to house Alevo’s Battery Technology (ABT) is a feat of precision engineering, and Systems Control truly demonstrated to Alevo its ability to deliver this to the highest quality,” he added.

“Systems Control is extremely pleased to have reached the agreement and to begin its business relationship with Alevo” said Al Bloniarz, Executive Vice President of Business Development of Systems Control. The ESE’s will be completed at Systems Control and shipped to Alevo for Battery Installation and testing before shipping across the world. Systems Control completed the first base fabrication on March 6th which culminated an aggressive design collaboration between Alevo, Parker Hannifin and Systems Control.

About Systems Control

Systems Control is a division of Northern Star Industries.  Northern Star industries is a privately held company owned by the Brule Family.  Systems Control is North America’s leader for the design and manufacture of Energy Integrated Solutions to deliver energy to the world.  Systems Control’s best in class design and manufacturing facilities are located in Iron Mountain, Michigan and employ approximately 450 people. For more information visit

About Alevo ALEVO-LogoRedefiningEnergyBox

Alevo is a leading provider of energy storage systems designed to deliver grid-scale electricity on demand. Its innovative battery technology and GridBanks enable new source-agnostic architecture for electrical grids that reduce waste, greenhouse gases and other emissions, create efficiencies and lower costs for the world’s energy producers. Founded in 2009, Alevo Group is headquartered in Martigny, Switzerland. For more information, visit

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