Alevo Unveils GB™35 Non-Flammable Energy Storage Solution

January 31, 2017

New ultra-reliable ESS suited to must-run critical loads; joins GB50 as part of Alevo’s compact-GridBank™ product suite


Alevo, the Energy Storage Provider, has today unveiled the GB35, a compact Alevo GridBank delivering optimum levels of safety, robustness, reliability and lowest Levelized Cost of Storage (LCOS). The GB35 joins the recently launched GB50 as part of a new suite of compact lithium-ion Energy Storage Systems (ESS) that are non-flammable and capable of extreme long life (50,000+ cycles). The GB35/GB50 systems are also capable of high power output (70 and 100 kW respectively).

The GB35/GB50 systems utilize Alevo’s patented proprietary inorganic electrolyte – known as Alevolyte – to ensure non-flammability, optimum reliability and safety levels. These high power and safety properties mean the GB35/GB50 systems are ideally suited for DC fast-charging stations for electric vehicles, in addition to must-run critical workloads such as hospitals, data centers, mines, sensitive machinery and microgrids.

The original Alevo GridBank is one of the most in-demand large-scale energy storage systems on the market due to its use of the breakthrough, inorganic Alevolyte. The system offers unparalleled safety, high power and extreme long life, making them the perfect solution to providing multiple services to the grid to facilitate higher rates of energy efficiency, as well as a more efficient use of capital already invested in the grid infrastructure.

The new, more-compact GB35/GB50 systems provide the same, industry-leading safety standards while delivering stackable ESS to meet any capacity requirement.

“We’re proud to unveil our new GB35 system which, alongside our existing GB50 system, delivers the industry’s most-advanced energy storage systems for the commercial and industrial markets,” explained Christopher Christiansen, President of Alevo Inc. “We have designed the systems with safety absolutely central to our thinking, which is why we firmly believe our GB35/GB50 systems are perfectly suited to must-run critical situations where safety is absolutely paramount.”


About Alevo
Alevo, a leading provider of energy storage is redefining energy as a developer, manufacturer and provider of grid-scale energy storage solutions featuring GridBank™ & Alevo Analytics. GridBank Lithium-Ion batteries feature a proprietary inorganic electrolyte (Alevolyte™), which is non-flammable and offers extreme long life and stability. Alevo’s vertically engineered turnkey energy storage solution can be placed anywhere on the electricity supply chain, to reduce energy waste, lower greenhouse gases and other emissions, create efficiencies and lower costs. Founded in 2009, Alevo is headquartered in Switzerland with GridBank manufacturing in the US.

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