Alevo’s GridBank Receives Near Perfect Score from PJM Reg D Test

October 18, 2017

CONCORD, North Carolina – Alevo, the energy storage company, today announced the highest score yet from its 2MW GridBank® energy storage unit in Hagerstown MD. The GridBank, using Alevo’s breakthrough inorganic lithium electrolyte in its batteries, features robust technology that received a 98.52% score from PJM’s Performance Compliance Department in advance of re-commencing service uprated to 2MW by 20 October.

“We are very pleased to receive this performance score from PJM today,” said Peter Heintzelman, Alevo CEO, “PJM Reg D Frequency Regulation has one of the toughest signals and multi-cycle duty requirements in the battery industry, and thus has traditional lithium-ion units struggling to achieve adequate performance. Given our 99% availability and superior performance scores in previous operation, we knew our GridBanks would meet the challenge of the PJM signal. Still, it’s nice to get this test result as confirmation and I am proud of our team.”

About Alevo
Alevo is the producer of GridBank® Energy Storage Systems, featuring Alevolyte®, a revolutionary electrolyte technology that is non-flammable, extremely robust, and tested at over 50,000 fully discharged cycles.

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