analyticsscreenAlevo Analytics offers advanced analytics and simulation capabilities, business intelligence and advisory services with a primary focus on the power and energy sectors. We collaborate with customers to provide unique insights regarding where the deployment of distributed energy resources will yield the greatest benefits while demonstrating the efficiencies which can be realized across the electricity supply chain.

Prior to the development of Alevo Analytics, no existing software existed that could intelligently sort through multiple data inputs to evaluate the location placement, megawatt sizing and energy services mix for the greatest optimization and efficiency gains from GridBank integration into the grid. Another challenge Alevo faced was insufficient processing power to run all its calculations compiled from disparate data sources, both structured and unstructured, in a timely manner.


Alevo Analytics provides advanced analytics and grid optimization services that enable customers to increase efficiencies, reduce start-stop costs, accelerate renewables integration and improve the performance of the grid – leading to increased growth, profitability and shareholder value. Interactive visual reporting is used to predict where the potential shortfalls and inefficiencies are on today’s grid and where they will be in the future.

Alevo Analytics delivers actionable business intelligence and makes recommendations regarding where and how to deploy energy storage solutions to make the biggest impact on the grid.


Alevo Analytics is designed specifically for the energy industry, offering advanced analytics, simulations, and advisory services regarding the benefits of the systemic deployment of  energy storage. We work closely with customers to provide unique insights regarding where the deployment Energy Storage that will deliver the greatest positive impact to the worldwide grid.


Alevo Analytics was created to determine the greatest economic and environmental impact of GridBank energy storage technology when deployed on the electric grid.  Providing expertise in:

  • Power Market Modeling and Analysis
  • Grid Optimization
  • Statistical Analysis & Forecasting
  • General Optimization
  • Transmission & Distribution
  • Infrastructure Investments
  • Economic Dispatch
  • Co-Optimization of Generation & Ancillary Services






Case Study: Alevo Analytics’s GridBank integration simulation of the U.S. western grid known as the WECC (Western Electric Coordinating Council) took weeks of data processing time. In its current configuration, Alevo Analytics A2 System will reduce the same processing time to hours and — when the system is complete — just minutes. Simulation results demonstrated cost savings and other environmental benefits achieved by co-locating energy storage with coal plants. Click here to read about the WECC Simulation



Advisory Services & Predictive Analytics Algorithms

Alevo Analytics’s comprehensive solutions will monitor data and provide decision criteria regarding regulatory, meteorological, environmental, capacity firming, storage requirements, generation mix availability and other considerations which will allow Alevo’s customers to utilize the information to make real-time integrated and informed bid process decisions, scheduling and pricing considerations required to provide a competitive advantage.

Alevo Analytics integrates sophisticated indexing and search algorithms with data logic to study historical and real time data to produce GridBank services and optimum deployment.
  • Existing Sub Hourly History Grid Data Sets
  • Energy Infrastructure Changes
  • Environmental Considerations
  • Legislative Issues
  • Political Nuances
  • Regulatory Policies

The energy services business is impacted by many factors that will impact deployment strategies.

Alevo Analytics will monitor GridBank and market relevant activities such as:


  • Performance data
  • Capacity and usage data for billing and data collection
  • Preventative maintenance cycles
  • Parts failure and replacement alerts
  • Security related data

Energy Market Influences

  • Meteorological
  • Environmental
  • Political
Alevo Analytics develops, integrates and acquires predictive analytics and simulation software to provide a competitive advantage in decisions regarding:
  • The energy pricing/bid process
  • Energy services deployment
  • Capacity and allocation planning
  • Production planning
  • Storage unit deployment
  • Optimal value proposition

img-analytics1The Alevo Analytics HPC Supercomputer, located in Concord, NC, will provide HPC/SMP (Shared Memory Processor) dedicated to analytics, cyber security, grid optimization, as well as other functions. The shared memory processing enables larger data streams to be processed in real-time more than any other platforms.

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