October / November / December 2015

After just over a year since our launch, Alevo is moving along with 130 employees on site at our Concord, North Carolina Manufacturing Facility. When...

August / September 2015

This month in review is dedicated to our US Manufacturing plant in Concord, North Carolina. All eyes are on this property as Alevo gets closer and closer to beginning GridBank production.

Month In Review: July 2015

While it may be summer, Alevo continues to work hard preparing for GridBank manufacturing.

Sneak Peek Into Alevo Manufacturing

Pictures from a tour at Alevo manufacturing in Concord with Alevo CEO Jostein Eikeland

What Energy Shortage?

If we were able to capture and use the energy from just two minutes of sunlight falling on the earth, it would be enough to fuel our cars, light and heat our buildings.

Month In Review: June 2015

Alevo continues to work at a rapid pace to ready manufacturing of the first GridBanks. Getting this done requires the right partners and hiring talented people.

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