Lithium-Ion Battery Electrolyte Demonstration

Alevolyte™ Inorganic Electrolyte Vs Brand X Organic Electrolyte
Safety & Flammability Demonstration

To demonstrate the breakthrough non-flammable characteristics of Alevolyte™, Alevo’s inorganic electrolyte, we assembled a team of experts to compare Alevolyte™ to a typical lithium-ion electrolyte.

(Click on video to watch the demonstration in action)



Meet Our Expert Demonstration Team

expertsFrom Left to Right: Frank Malo, Alevo Chemical Engineer; Jim Martin, Alevo EH&S Coordinator; Walter A. van Schalkwijk, Phd, Professor University of Washington; Ray Alle, Fire Chief, Concord, North Carolina.

Frank Malo – Alevo Chemical Engineer
Frank Malo has been a battery engineer for over 20 years.

Jim Martin – Alevo EH&S Coordinator
With over 18 years in safety, Jim was asked to participate to ensure the safety of all the participants.

walter-bookWalter A. van Schalkwijk, PhD – Professor University of Washington
Dr. Schalkwikjk has  over 30 years experience in the batter industry. He was invited to our demonstration as an auditor to ensure the reliability and accuracy of our demonstration. His book, Advances in Lithium-Ion Batteries is the most comprehensive source of Lithium-Ion batteries available.


Ray Allen – Fire Chief, Concord, North Carolina
Due to the flammable nature of organic Lithium-Ion, Ray Allen was asked to participate to make sure that all the safety precautions were in place that needed to be done while we did the demonstration.


The Results


Side by side results of our demonstration clearly show that when Alevolyte™ is applied to an open flame, there is no safety concern. Whereas when Brand X Organic Electrolyte is applied to there is a large safety risk.






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