GridBank GB35™ & GB50™

The First Non-Flammable Li-Ion ESS for C&I Applications

The GB35/GB50 mini Alevo ESS GridBanks™ are the most advanced Energy Storage Systems for the Commercial and Industrial Markets, offering the highest level of Safety, Robustness, Reliability and the lowest levelized cost of storage (LCOS). At the heart of the 35 and 50 kWh systems is Alevolyte™ – Alevo’s patented proprietary inorganic electrolyte. Alevolyte’s properties make Alevo batteries non-flammable and capable of extreme long life (50,000+ cycles), while facilitating the GB35/GB50 to continue to provide their nameplate high power output (70 & 100 kW respectively).


The GB35/GB50 are workhorses that are best used to ensure reliability for must-run critical loads – hospitals, data centers, sensitive machinery, continuous manufacturing processes, hotels, island resorts, mines and microgrids. The GB35/GB50 are perfect for DC fast charging stations for EVs due to their high power and non-flammability.

Peak Shaving (Demand Charge Mitigation)
Renewables Integration
Backup Power

Substation Backup Power
Voltage Support
T&D Deferral

Additional Details

  • The GridBank GB35 features 35 kWh / 70 kW
  • The GridBank GB50 features 50 kWh / 100 kW
  • Multiple ESS can be stacked to meet system capacity needs
  • Can be configured to meet various voltage needs
  • Compatible with domestic and international voltage
  • Battery Management system included