GridBank Energy Storage Solutions can fulfill a broad spectrum of service applications for the grid.  While Alevo GridBanks are rated for high performance for all service applications, the Alevo Power and Energy Zone chart featured below highlights the GridBank’s best service applications.

Due to Alevo’s high power and extremely long life attributes, GridBanks are ideally suited for high power applications. They can deliver high power inside of 15-minute intervals multiple times through the day without overheating or shortening their power output or cycle life.

Alevo GridBanks are ideal for both Power and Energy Applications shown on the chart below. Energy is the total amount an energy storage system can store (Mega Watt Hours- MWH). Power is how fast that energy can be delivered (Mega Watts – MW). When you have both energy and power, you are able to solve a much wider range of energy storage needs.

Alevo Power Zone

The Alevo Power Zone is for applications less than 60 minutes. Alevo GridBanks are ideal for this “heavy lifting” zone. GridBanks can deliver multiple high power cycles, multiple times a day.

Alevo Energy Zone

The Alevo Energy Zone is for applications up to 2 hours.  While capable of longer durations, the GridBank’s value proposition is highest between 20 milliseconds and 2-hour applications.


Standard Energy Storage Applications

Alevo GridBank Energy Storage offers practical cost saving and efficiency applications across the entire supply chain for utilities and third-party vendors alike, preserving legacy assets and integrating renewables.

Alevo’s GridBanks can provide multiple services to the grid in order to facilitate higher rates of efficiency, as well as a more efficient use of capital already invested in the grid infrastructure. The GridBank can help to offset necessary grid updates, enhance grid stability, time-shift energy, regulate frequency and control voltage as well as smooth the variable energy output from renewable resources.

GridBanks, when widely and strategically deployed can be a complement to traditional resources and can also mean more sustainable benefits such as reducing GHGs, water, and fossil fuel consumption.

The Alevo GridBank can provide the following services as both single use as well as combined as stacked services:

Frequency Regulation
Renewable Integration
T&D Deferral
Spinning Reserve
Peak Shaving
Ramping Support
Voltage Support

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In addition to standard energy storage applications, GridBank can also solve a variety of energy storage needs.  Alevo’s safety and long-life characteristics make GridBank the best choice for a wide variety of energy storage needs.


Many municipalities find themselves at the edge of the grid. GridBank energy storage can offer munis cost savings, more reliability and greater flexibility in bringing renewables online and help entice new business to town with abundant clean power. This is especially true in deregulated markets.


With its unique Power/Energy application abilities, GridBanks are perfect for Island or Microgrid Applications as the GridBank can minimize diesel fuel cost while maximizing renewables integration, offering efficient, reliable power 24 hours a day. GridBanks offer unparalleled safety for island use.


As the world’s business, financial and social infrastructure is becoming more dependent on data, more and more mission critical datacenters are coming online. GridBanks can regulate power fluctuations and serve and backup. There is no safer, more reliable energy storage than the Alevo GridBank.


Most electricity is consumed in high population density areas, far from where it is made. Putting energy storage close to use is ideal, but safety is a concern. Only Alevo GridBank batteries are non-flammable and non-combustible. What battery do you want in your building or nearby substation? One that can catch fire or one that can’t?


Mines are usually located off-grid and have to import fuel to operate. With its safety, high power, reliable energy and long predictable life, GridBanks are the best energy storage application for the mining industry, where power uptime is essential. With GridBanks, renewables can also be integrated seamlessly to provide a reliable solution.


Alevo batteries offer safe, reliable, predictable long lasting, power for Telcom towers. Telcom Towers are often located remotely in rugged hilly terrain with severe temperature swings, making them hard and time-consuming to service. Downtime is expensive. Alevo batteries are the right choice to replace lead acid batteries.



Frequency regulation through energy storage such as GridBanks enables higher efficiency in the grid. Over produced electricity can be stored and then discharged when the frequency is fluctuating. The value of fast-ramping battery energy storage, such as a GridBank, provides frequency regulation that has been recognized by the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC) through both orders – 755 and 784. These FERC orders enable the market to pay a higher compensation for fast mapping battery energy storage than other conventional technologies.


Alevo’s technology allows for unprecedented modulation of frequency.



Time-shifting electricity using energy storage is the key to realizing the potential of renewable energy, and is the best way to meet the renewable portfolio goals of state or nations. Alevo GridBanks can increase the integration of renewables by storing the energy locally at the wind or solar farm when it can’t be utilized by the grid and discharging that energy to the grid during peak periods.


Transmission and distribution (T & D) deferral through GridBanks allow the utility to optimize its use of capital and equipment. GridBanks can help offset the need for transmission and distribution upgrades, thus deferring the cost of expensive and timely grid infrastructure construction.
When a grid-related investment takes place, it is typically sized to accommodate future growth over the next 15-20 years. A large portion of this equipment is often underutilized, deployed just a few hours a day during peak demand. With the use of GridBanks, this investment can be temporarily offset, while additional money can be saved through GridBank’s other stacked services.



The guarantee of grid stability requires expensive reserve capacity that can be called upon when a share of the regular electricity supply suddenly becomes unavailable.
Normally, reserve capacity is required to be at least the size of the single largest electricity generating unit serving any given system. Reserve capacity is generally equivalent to 7 to 15% of the system’s normal electricity supply capacity. Deployment of GridBanks offers far more economical solution to the need for reserves.


The purpose of peak shaving is to offset the need for new generating capacity in order to accommodate an increased electricity demand. Peak loads often only occur a few hours a day, leading to an underutilization of new power plants constructed to handle the peak demand. Today, the most common solution for peak power is provided through natural gas turbines. These plants are often underutilized, operating at a 5-10% capacity factor.

By deploying GridBanks, the existing generators can operate at a higher efficiency rate. The GridBanks store excess electricity in times of lower demand, then discharge it to offset the increased demand during peak hours. Additional benefits include zero pollution compared to idling fossil fueled generators, as well as allowing generators to operate at a higher heat-rate efficiency — with less ramping resulting in lower emissions and less wear and tear. This time-shifting night-time capacity to day-time peak load maximizes the use of existing resources.




Power plants must ramp up their generational output after they are shut down for maintenance or other unscheduled generation interruptions. Then, when preparing for scheduled interruptions, they must ramp down. GridBank’s Ramping Support offers balancing capacity for upward and downward ramping.GridBank power is available immediately, with no additional cost or wear and tear of equipment due to rapid ramping, offering unprecedented and economical efficiency.

GridBank power is available immediately, with no additional cost or wear and tear of equipment due to rapid ramping, offering unprecedented and economical efficiency.


To manage consistent voltage levels, grid operators need voltage support to offset reactive effects that can cause instability and waste in the system. Typically, expensive designated power plants are used to generate voltage support as needed.GridBanks can offset the need for these designated power plants by being strategically located within the grid at central locations — or by taking the distributed approach and placing GridBanks near large consumption.

GridBanks can offset the need for these designated power plants by being strategically located within the grid at central locations — or by taking the distributed approach and placing GridBanks near large consumption.



gridbanks-at-workGRIDBANKS AT WORK

Alevo separates itself from other Energy Storage offerings by implementing the only vertically engineered turnkey energy storage solution. By providing a customizable turnkey solution, Alevo will provide an Energy Storage Solution to fit your needs.

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