The Top Ten Electricity Stories Of 2014

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With so much change occurring almost daily last year – it seemed as if there was a new and meaningful story at least once a week – writing a story about the events in 2014 until 2014 was actually over seemed premature. Well, that’s one excuse, anyway. But even this past week, new information came out about Tesla’s battery that is meaningful. So perhaps procrastination does have its benefits.

Looking back over the past twelve months, the challenge has been to discern new and/or continuing trends that are likely to continue to evolve and change our (electric) energy world in 2015 and beyond. It’s always a tough task to determine what is worthy of consideration and what is not, but there were a number of stories – and non-stories – that clearly floated to the top. I will summarize each of these stories in this piece, and then provide more detailed follow-up in a series of posts over the coming days. One caveat: I will most assuredly get this wrong. This is an annual subjective overview. If I have omitted a critical story or element of proof, well, that’s’ what the comments section is for…

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